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Are You Ready to Celebrate?

March 8th is International Women's Day, or, as it is called in Italy: La Festa della Donna. I celebrated for the first time when I was living in Italy. The Italians were so surprised by the fact that I had not heard of the Festa, that it was not commonly celebration in the United States, especially because the Festa came about after events in New York City in the early 1900s. The celebration has become more celebrated here in the U.S., rightly so!

I remember that in Italy, wherever you go on March 8th, you will see and receive little bouquets of Mimosa, a little yellow flower that is the symbol of the Festa. Another staple of the Festa is the Mimosa dessert. If you want to read a fun article about how the Italian women have their cake and eat it too, check out this article posted on NPR a few years ago.

I hope you have plans to celebrate this important day, and the important women in your life! And to all my fellow women readers: I sure hope you can have your cake and enjoy it too! Viva La Donna!

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