Bill the Traveler Special for 2019 Tours of Italy




My father always encouraged us to travel.  Always!  And it  is thanks to both him and my mother that we learned to seek out meaningful travel experiences.  So, in honor of what would be my father’s 89th birthday, we are offering a special deal on our 2019 tours.  Sign up by January 25th and receive our Bill the Traveler Special: $200 off the price of any 2019 tour.


If you were to ask my father, should I go?  He would come right back with questions for you: Why not? Why wait?  He was the person that also lived by the motto “Life is short, eat dessert first.” But, he was right, why wait?  Travel is not just about fun and relaxing, it is an opportunity to grow and learn.  Travel shaped my father’s vision towards life.  He sought out travel experiences and relished in them as an adult. He really, really enjoyed them, almost like a kid, and maybe that is because he hadn’t had the opportunity to see the world until he was an adult.  My father was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He would travel to western Nebraska each summer to work on his uncle’s ranch in Brady, Nebraska.  There, he would contemplate the huge sky and the world beyond the horizon.  


My mother, on the other hand, not only travelled extensively as a child, she lived abroad for the majority of her childhood.  She introduced my father to travel, to meaningful travel.  




This included mission trips to Africa, Belize, Haiti and Taiwan where my father would work in a rural clinic.  Actually, we all got to help out in one way or another on these trips.  














It also included bike trips through Europe.  My parents, along with good friends of theirs, Dale and Clay Capek, started the company: Bike with Us.  This could be considered the impetus of the tours my husband and I now lead in Italy.  Bike with Us tours were structured along the same ideas - to really get deep into the culture and live the life of the locals, to thoroughly enjoy and take in the local traditions, and to enjoy the  views.   



On our tours of Italy we do not travel from town to town by bike, but we do get up and personal with the locals, the local traditions, and we enjoy the views.  


So, why wait?  Raise a toast to, and take advantage of the Bill the Traveler Special! Andiamo in Italia!  Why not?


Check out the line up of tours:


Or contact us: or call: 402-432-2535


Buon Viaggio!  Jane 

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