Take a mini-trip to Italy virtually

Italian Sampling
A trip through Italy, sampling the art, language, music and more
Dialects and Cuisine
If you order maccheroni in Naples and in Milan you may end up with two different things. Experience the differences of language, food and Italian gestures as we make our way through some favorite Italian recipes
Just two Florentine Men
Enjoy a unique perspective of two of the most famous artists from Renaissance Italy: Leonardo and Michelangelo! This interactive experience will provide insight into the everyday lives of these two artists through anecdotes and stories of two real people who wandered the streets of Florence. And try to solve a mystery!
Reunification and Pizza
Let's experience and learn a little history and how to make authentic pizza along the way!
The Pope, Pasta and Post WWII
What do the Pope, Pasta and Post World War II Italy have in common? Join to find out!
21st Century Artisans and Entrepreneurs
Witness the artisanal process to make mozzarella and salt. Meet a talented artist who weaves history, culture and innovation into her work today.
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